Top 5 sushi places in Tokyo

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A city with over 13 million people must have quite a stash of restaurants, and in Tokyo it seems like there is one for each inhabitant. Deciding where to eat in Tokyo can seem like an impossible endeavor, especially if you are the type to ponder your decisions seriously. The truth is, it’s almost  difficult to go wrong when eating out in the Japanese capital. Almost every restaurant has a strong point, be it sushi, soba or okonomiyaki. From small neighborhood eateries where all the customers know each other by name to fancy traditional restaurants where you’ll be taken care of by kimono-ed waiters and waitresses, the options are endless. And if you want a culinary journey in Tokyo, sushi can’t be absent from the menu. Here are the top 5 sushi places in Tokyo that will make your day all the better.

Ginza Kyuubei

To start from the top – Ginza Kyuubei is the rarely contested ruler of all Tokyo sushi bars. This reputed establishment is known to served some of (if not the) best sushi in the city. The restaurant was established in 1936, and it is famous for its beautiful pottery in which the food is served. Gunkan style sushi (the type of sushi where the seaweed is wrapped around the rice to create a container filled with soft toppings like roe) was invented at Ginza Kyuubei.

Sukiyabashi Jiro

Also located in Ginza, Sukiyabashi Jiro is another luxurious member of the top 5 sushi places in Tokyo. This restaurant might not be credited with the invention of any novel types of sushi, but it is a Michelin -starred restaurant that never fails to deliver the most appetizing selections of sushi you can dream of.


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Eating sushi in Tokyo is a not a cheap adventure, but if you’re on a tight budget yet unwilling to waste the chance to taste real Tokyoite sushi, then head to Midor-zushi, the mecca of all budget sushi places. Despite its affordability, the fare is nothing to scoff at, and every morsel if perfectly prepared under your eyes (if you choose to sit at the bar).

Hina Sushi

If you like your portions large and six small pieces of sushi are rarely enough to fill your stomach, then you will want to skip straight to Hina Sushi, one of the most popular all-you-can-eat sushi places in Tokyo. Hina Sushi has several locations in Ginza and Roppongi, but the most famous location is the one in the Denki building. Better go hungry to Hina Sushi and eat fast, because there is a time limit!

Tsukiji Sushi-sei

If you want to eat the kind of sushi that locals indulge in, then Tsukiji Sushi-sei in the world famous Tsukiji Fish Market is the right place to go. While the sushi is not the finest you can find in the city, it is prepared with very fresh fish, and the restaurant’s atmosphere is traditional yet unpretentious.

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