Top 5 Restaurants in Nara


Food served at Yatagarasu © Haseo/Flickr

Nara is one of Japan’s major, though not too large cities. From the point of view of tourism, Nara is almost an equal rival to Kyoto or Osaka. The eight shrines, the amazing Nara Park and the Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara attract thousands of tourists weekly. Besides these, museums, Japanese gardens and other parks are significant sights of the city as well.

Tourists visiting Nara have a large variety of restaurants to choose from. From popular sushi bars to cheap fast-foods to Western-style restaurants you can find almost everything in Nara. The prices of these places are very changing, it depends on you which restaurant do you choose. This article, presenting the top places to eat in Nara, may ease your choice and it may help you find the best restaurants in Nara too.



Yoberaya is one of the top restaurants in Nara; it’s a very warm, friendly and kind place. The most popular food served here is traditional Uden. If you are a vegetarian, don’t worry, the cooks will prepare your dietary food without hesitation. The average price of a dinner with a drink is around 2000 Yen. The address is 7 Mochiidono-cho, Nara.


Nara Shoya


Special Yakitori from Nara Shoya © jetalone/Flickr

Nara Shoya is part of a chain restaurant, usually serving traditional raw fish dishes, including sushi, yakitori and tempura. If not for its food, but for the sake served here, you should visit Nara Shoya at least once. The address is 48-5 Takama-cho, Keiwa Building, B1F. They are open between 11.30-14.00 and 16.30-23.00 every day.




The building of Sanshu-tei, in Isui-en Garden © TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋)/Flickr

The popularity of this restaurant originates from the amazing environment of the building: located in a traditional old Japanese house in Isui-en Garden, it is one of the best restaurants of Nara. Though their menu consists only of mugu toroi and unagi tororo, it is still a good place to eat at. The starting price of a dinner is about 1200 Yen. They are open between 11.30-01.30, from Monday until Wednesdays.


Maguro Koya

maguro yukke

Maguro Yukke, a form of tuna served at Maguro Koya in Nara © fumi/Flickr

Maguro Koya is definitely a tiny place. The specialities of this place are all made from tuna: honmaguro toro (Japanese fatty tuna), maguro (simple tuna) and chuutoro (fatty, non-Japanese tuna) are only some of the excellent dishes of Maguro Koya. This place is easy to find, it is exactly near the exit of Kintetsu Station.




Food served at Yatagarasu © Haseo/Flickr

Yatagarasu, one of Nara’s best restaurants serves the best poultry dishes in the city. You can choose from a great variety of poultry meal, you can eat them grilled, fried and even raw! The price of a dinner starts at 2500 Yen. They are open between 17.00-00.00 and the address is 13-1 Hayashi-Koji-cho, Nara.



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