Top 4 Reasons to Visit Tokyo

Tokyo Tower from Roppongi

Roppongi Hills © kylehase/Flickr

Tokyo is one of the most popular tourist destinations all around the world. More than 500 million people visit this huge city, including foreigner and Japanese tourists too. Tourism is a major industry in the capital of Japan. The most important sights of the city are all related to culture, but besides this, entertainments districts, different stores, museums, Japanese gardens, parks and downtowns attract visitors as well.

If you still don’t know why you have to visit Tokyo, let me suggest you some of these reasons in this article. Hopefully I can convince you that Tokyo is the most popular must-see city in Japan. I hope that after reading this article you’ll visit this amazing city.


Kanda Festival

Kanda Festival in Tokyo © Marufish/Flickr

I think you already know how important and popular are festivals for Japanese people. They celebrate fertility, nature, commemorations, etc. These matsuri are held all around the country, so in Tokyo as well. Officially, there are 28 traditional Japanese festivals in Tokyo, but this number can be larger as well.

The most important festivals in Tokyo are: Fuji Matsuri (April-May), Kanda Matsuri (around 15 May), Tenno Matsuri (beginning of June), Sanja Matsuri (beginning of June), Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival (June or July), Fukagawa Matsuri (summer), Hatsumode and Setsubun (both between December and February).


Green Areas

Restaurant in Ueno Park

Alley in Ueno Park © svachalek/Flickr

Nature is still one of the most powerful tourist magnets all around the world. Tokyo is considered a very beautiful and ‘green’ city, from the point of view of parks and other outdoor establishments. This city is rich in one of Japan’s well-known symbols: Japanese gardens. Some of them can be entered for free, but many parks have an entrance fee.

The most popular parks of the city are Shinjuku Gyoen, Yoyogi Koen, Ueno Koen, Imperial Palace East Gardens. The following Japanese parks are recommended for nature-loving tourists: Rikugien, Koishikawa Korakuen, Kyosumi Teien, Hama Rikyu Garden, Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden. The most popular nature parks of Tokyo and the surrounding areas are: Institute for Nature Study, Mount Takao, Todoroki Valley and Mount Mitake.


Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines

Asakusa Shrine

Asakusa Shrine © David Holt London/Flickr

Japan, one of largest home-countries of Buddhism is full of temples. The capital has dozens of Zen Buddhist Temples as well, but the most visited are Kan’ei-ji, Sengaku-ji, Senso-ji, Shofuku-ji.

The most popular Shinto shrines among tourists are Asakusa Shrine, Atago Shrine, Chinreisha, Hie Shrine, Kanda Shrine, Meiji Shrine, Togo Shrine, Kume no Heinai-do, Suiten-gu, Takanawa Shrine and Yaho Shrine.


Architectural Tourist Attractions

Tokyo Tower from Roppongi

Sight of Tokyo Tower from Roppongi Hills © kylehase/Flickr

Tokyo is popular for its architectural development as well. The most significant attractions of the city can be grouped here: Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, Rainbow Bridge, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Stations, Tokyo International Forum or Tokyo Big Sight are all popular tourist destinations in Tokyo.


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