Top 3 Tourist Attractions in Yokohama

Yokohama at night

Yokohama at night ©xiquinhosilva/Flickr

Yokohama is the capital of Kanagawa Prefecture. It is located on Honshu island in Kanto region. With a population of almost 4 million people, Yokohama is the second largest city of Japan. It is also a very important port of the country.

Yokohama is considered to be a very modern and developed city, it is characterized mainly by tall buildings. The tallest building of Japan, Yokohama Landmark Tower is one of the city’s symbols. But traditional Japanese buildings, Japanese gardens and one of the country’s biggest Chinatowns can also be found in Yokohama. It is a very nice city and if you happen to travel there, you should visit the main attractions of Yokohama.

Sankeien Garden

Sankeien Garden

Sankeien Garden ©alvin.leong/Flickr

It is a typical Japanese garden, with gorgeous plants, small ponds and tiny rivers. Traditional Japanese buildings are also located in the garden: a daimyo residence, pagodas, tea houses and even a temple. According to 2013 Cherry blossom forecasts, Sankeien Garden is going to be a very good spot for cherry blossom viewing.

The garden is located in the Southern part of Yokohama and it can be approached from both Negishi and Yokohama Stations. It is open from 9.00 until 17.00 every day. The only exceptions, when Sankeien Garden is closed is between 29-31 December. The admission is 500 Yen.



Chinatown Yokohama

Temple in Yokohama Chinatown ©RinzeWind/Flickr

In the 1850s it became the residence of many Chinese traders, and since then it had developed into the biggest Chinatown of Japan. For some tourists, it is the most beautiful sight of Yokohama. Yokohama Chukagai is famous for its Chinese restaurants and different stores. In the center of the Chinatown we can find Kanteibyo, a very nice and colorful temple, which is dedicated to the Chinese god of prosperity.

Yokohama Chinatown also gives home to various events and festivals. The most popular of these is the Chinese New Year, which is usually celebrated in February. It is easy to approach the Chinatown because it has five entrance gates.


Minato Mirai


Minato Mirai at night ©akumach/Flickr

Minato Mirai (‘the harbor of the future’) is located on the seaside and it is a very developed urban area.  Many sights of Yokohama city are located in this district, like Yokohama Landmark Tower, Cosmo World (amusement park), Manyo Club. Besides these, museums and shopping opportunities are also available here.

The most important museums of the district are: Nippon Maru and Yokohama Port Museum, Cup Noodles Museum, Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum and Yokohama Museum of Art. Shopping places, like the Queen’s Square, Landmark Plaza, the Red Brick Warehouses or the World Porters also attract thousands of visitors.


Yokohama at night

Yokohama: amazing sight on the city ©xiquinhosilva/Flickr

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