Top 3 Museums in Osaka

Ceramics museum

Museum of Oreintal Ceramics © snotch/Flickr

Osaka, Japan’s third largest city is one of the most visited areas of the Land of the Rising Sun. The city has dozens of amazing sights, such as the outstanding Osaka Castle, but other destinations attract tourists as well. Not only architectural, cultural and natural sights (parks, Japanese gardens), but historical and artistic attractions also enrich the beauty of the city.

Officially, Osaka has 10 museums; all of them are focusing on different areas, such as art and science. The museums of the city all worth a visit, it only depends on your taste which one you choose. If you happen to be in Osaka and you are interested in visiting a museum, this article, presenting the best museums in Osaka, might be useful for you.

National Museum of Art

National Museum of Art, Osaka

National Museum of Art in Osaka © ..colb../Flickr

The location of the museum is very unique and interesting: it is located on the island of Nakanoshima, between two rivers; and if it’s not enough, it is a subterranean museum! It is also called the National Museum of International art, or just simply NMAO. As its name suggests, the majority of the exhibited items are all related to some kind of arts.

Not only Japanese art collections, but works of Western post -war artists are displayed as well. The works of Paul Cézanne, Tsuguharu Foujita, Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Pablo Picasso or Marx Ernst are the most acknowledged pieces of the museum ‘s collection. The museum exhibits mostly paintings and sculptures.


Museum of Oriental Ceramics

Ceramics museum

Exhibition in Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka © snotch/Flickr

The museum is acknowledged not only in Japan, but all around the world: it is said to exhibit the most beautiful ceramics all around the world. Besides Japanese, Chinese and Korean ceramics are displayed too. The oldest pieces of ceramics are believed to be older than 3000 years.

Museum of Oriental Ceramics is between the top museums of Osaka, mainly due to to the elite collections, which attract thousands of visitors every day. The Ataka Collection is the most popular sight of the museum. Besides this, natural treasures and other cultural properties can be viewed as well.


Modern Transportation Museum


Locomotive exhibited at the museum © pmarkham/Flickr

The museum has a unique and outstanding collection of vehicles. It is the property of West Japan Railway Company (JR West), and dozens of its vehicles can be viewed here. Since its first opening, in 1962, The Modern Transportation Museum attracts hundreds of visitors daily. The most popular exhibition of the museum includes electric, diesel and steam locomotives, different locomotive engines, and even the prototype of a magnetic levitation train.

If you are interested in visiting this amazing museum, you should hurry up: unfortunately, it is scheduled to be closed on 6 April 2014, because the exhibitions will be moved to Kyoto, where the collection will be part of Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum. The ‘union’ is supposed to be finished by 2016.


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