The most famous travel destinations in Japan

Yakushima forest, photo by Kabacchi on Flickr

Traveling throughout the country is quite a popular pastime among the Japanese, and many people take advantage of their school breaks and vacations in order to explore their country. Of course, many travel destinations that are extremely popular with domestic tourists might not yet have risen to international fame, but it is only a matter of time. Japan is an amazing country, where technology, culture and traditions complement each other almost flawlessly, and visiting the most famous travel destinations in Japan is a first step towards getting to know it.

Chinatown, Yokohama

Anywhere in the western world, Chinatowns are a delight to visit precisely because of the interesting contrast between the two cultures and aesthetics. But no matter how dissimilar the two cultures might be, there are many Chinese nationals living in Japan, and the Chinatown in Yokohama is perhaps the most famous ethnic neighborhood in the  country. Beautiful Chinese gates, small shops, lots of delicious food are the main draws of this interesting destination.


Otaru, photo by jenniferphoon on Flickr

The small town of Otaru is very popular with students on summer breaks or traveling during Golden Week (a week-long string of public holidays in spring). This port city in Hokkaido is famous for its historical architecture, canals, many shops and tasty local delicacies. There are countless music box shops in Otaru, which are quite popular among souvenir seekers, but if you want a real taste of Otaru you must try the sushi, which is known to be the best in Hokkaido.

Sado Island

Sado Island might have been an island for exiled political dissidents and for a horrific mining industry, but today it is one of the most popular summer resorts in the country, as well as one of the most famous travel destinations in Japan. If you want to enjoy the Japanese seaside, Sado is the perfect destination, but the island also allows you to partake in Japanese rural bliss, with green fields, gentle hills and beautiful temples.

Yaeyama Islands

Yaeyama, photo by sota-k on Flickr

If Sado island is a temperate area with pleasant summers but harsh winters, the Yaeyama islands are Japan’s tropical getaway. They are located in the westernmost parts of Okinawa, and they are known for their excellent diving spots and breath-taking beaches. The islands are off the beaten track, but a must-see for those who love beaches, or amateur linguists – some of the islands are so isolated that they have their own language!


The temperate forests of Japan are some of the most beautiful you will ever see in the world. These old woods with their twisted, moss covered trees, often enveloped in fog and letting only some feeble rays of sun through the foliage look like a scene from a dark fairytale. Yakushima is extremely popular with Japanese tourists, and therefore has great accessibility and tourist facilities.



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