The most famous tourist attractions in Tokyo

Daikanransha Ferris Wheel, photo by Ian Muttoo on Flickr

Tokyo is one of the largest metropolises in the world, a sprawling urban jungle that comprises sevel cities. One could live in Tokyo for a lifetime and still find parts of the city that they have never seen before, and as a tourist there are no two sights in Tokyo that you’ll have to see twice if you don’t want to. There is so much to see and to do in this gigantic city that it’s easy to find yourself at a loss when it comes to sightseeing – where to go first? While there are more sights in Tokyo than one can count, there are a several attractions that should be on the to-see list of everyone who’s new in town. Prepare to be stunned by the most famous tourist attractions in Tokyo.

Daikanransha Ferris Wheel

When it was opened in 1999, Daikanransha Ferris Wheel was the tallest Fenris wheel in the world. It has since lost its status and fell to the 12th tank on the list, but it remains the most memorable wheel in Japan. Daikanransha is the perfect place for a bird’s eye view of Tokyo, especially at night. The 16 minute ride offers sweeping views of central Tokyo, Tokyo Tower, the Rainbow Bridge and the busy Haneda Airport.

Ueno Park

Ueno Park, photo by Sebastien Bertrand

You want to dip your toe into the vast ocean that is Japanese culture? The easiest way to do it is to take a long stroll through Ueno Park, whew you will find dozens and dozens of shrines, temples, galleries and museums. Some of the most famous landmarks in the park are the Tokyo National Museum, Tosho-gu Shrine, and Ueno Zoo. It is also a great place to eat snacks, picnic and just chill.

Tsukiji Fish Market

Seeing all manner of fish being gutted and prepared to be sold early in the morning doesn’t sound like the average tourist’s cup of tea, but as unlikely as it sounds, Tsukiji Fish Market has become one of the most famous attractions in Tokyo as well as Japan. Tsukiji is the biggest fish market in the world, and gawking at the exotic fish laid out at the stalls is really a lot of fun. After a visit, eat fresh sushi at one of the sushi places near the market.

Senso-ji Temple

Tsukiji Market, photo by Greg Palmer

Colorful Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa is the most popular temple in Tokyo, and it is dedicated to Kannon, the goddess of mercy. The temple is the oldest one in Tokyo, and is quite large as well – there is an entire shopping street between the first two gates! The shrine is exquisitely decorated and preserved the historical flavor of the Tokyo of the past, and it also hosts various interesting events throughout the year.

Studio Ghibli

If you are a fan of Japanese animation films, you absolutely must visit Studio Ghibli, possibly the most famous Japanese animation and film studio in the world. Since the museum is so popular with both domestic and foreign visitors, you have to book months in advance in order to get tickets.

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