The best nightclubs in Tokyo

photo by Karl Baron on Flickr

Tokyo doesn’t have the same fame as nightlife capital of Asia like Bangkok for example, but although most people visit the Japanese metropolis in search of cultural experiences, there are more than enough travelers who are interested in getting to know Japanese nightlife. In a city with over 13 million inhabitants, it’s hardly surprising that there are more nightclubs, bars and lounges than one can count. The young party goers of the city have an incredible array of nightclubs to choose from, from themed clubs where costumes are mandatory to classic discos where there’s not much else to do besides dancing and drinking. Join the hordes of nightly party people and seek out some of the best nightclubs in Tokyo – you won’t be disappointed!

La Fabrique, Shibuya

French-themed cafes, restaurants and shops are very popular in Tokyo, and this hugely popular nightclub in Shibuya follows the French chic trend. The interior is Parisian inspired, with heavy red curtains, gilded mirrors and comfortable couches. The club is pleasantly kitschy-elegant, and it is a favorite spot with the young crowd of professionals who like to have fun after work, but media personalities and fashion models are also known to turn up among the guests. La Fabrique is where it’s at in Tokyo, but don’t expect it to be cheap!

Ageha Dance Club, Shin Kiba

photo by Tamaki Sono on Flickr

Ageha is one of the latest phenomena to hit Tokyo’s nightlife scene, and it didn’t take long for it to become insanely popular. Ageha is simply huge, with a dancefloor that can accommodate as many as 1500 people, and a smaller floor with a capacity of 300. Since the floors are packed most of the time, Ageha can easily fit a small village’s population inside. People dance on the rhythms of trance, techno, blues and reggae, and some of the most famous DJ’s on the planet have performed at Ageha.

MILK, Ebisu

MILK is not only one of the best nightclubs in Tokyo, but also one of the most famous clubs in Japan. This smallish (by Tokyoite standards) club is extremely popular with the hip young crowds of Ebisu and Daikanyama, The music is mostly hard rock and alternative, but other offbeat musical styles are not uncommon either. Although the cover charge and the drinks are uite expensive, MILK has a legendary status and it is always packed.

Liquid Room, Shibuya

photo by Stefan on Flickr

If some nightclubs become famous thanks to resident and visiting DJ’s, Liquid Rooms became a hit thanks to its live acts. Many international and local bands have played gigs at Liquid Room, and if you are in the mood for some great live music then this is the place to go. The sound system is top-notch and you can relax in the spacious bar area and still hear the music played on stage.

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