The traveler's guide to getting around Tokyo

The traveler’s guide to getting around Tokyo

One of the worst nightmares that any traveler could imagine is being in the middle of a huge, completely unknown city, in a country whose language you don't speak, and without a clue about how to get from where you're standing back to your hotel, or to some interesting sight that you've been planning to see. Feeling a little lost and bewildered in Tokyo is a common occurrence, and not only for travelers, don't worry! But if you are going to make your visit to the Japanese capital a fun one, ... [ read more ]

A guide to Tokyo's nightlife

A guide to Tokyo’s nightlife

Tokyo is one of the largest, most crowded metropolises on the planet; it contains twenty-six cities and twenty-three wards, and with its over 13 million inhabitants, it could be a medium country on its own. Needless to say, with this many people and several huge universities drawing youngsters from all over the country, Tokyo has a nightlife scene that doesn't have its equal anywhere else in Japan. Tokyo has its fair share of cultural attractions, but in the evening it becomes a bewildering,... [ read more ]