A guide to Osaka's nightlife

A guide to Osaka’s nightlife

Osaka might not have the wealth of historical and cultural attractions that Tokyo and Kyoto can claim, but that doesn't mean that it is not among the premier tourist destinations in Japan. Osaka is the urban paradise you've always dreamed of, with mazes of high rise buildings, neon lit signs, sprawling shopping centers and some nice parks. The city truly comes alive at night, when the clubs, bars and izakayas open their doors. Osaka's nightlife can be as bustling as Kyoto's and as elegant as... [ read more ]

The best nightclubs in Tokyo

The best nightclubs in Tokyo

Tokyo doesn't have the same fame as nightlife capital of Asia like Bangkok for example, but although most people visit the Japanese metropolis in search of cultural experiences, there are more than enough travelers who are interested in getting to know Japanese nightlife. In a city with over 13 million inhabitants, it's hardly surprising that there are more nightclubs, bars and lounges than one can count. The young party goers of the city have an incredible array of nightclubs to choose from... [ read more ]

A guide to Tokyo's nightlife

A guide to Tokyo’s nightlife

Tokyo is one of the largest, most crowded metropolises on the planet; it contains twenty-six cities and twenty-three wards, and with its over 13 million inhabitants, it could be a medium country on its own. Needless to say, with this many people and several huge universities drawing youngsters from all over the country, Tokyo has a nightlife scene that doesn't have its equal anywhere else in Japan. Tokyo has its fair share of cultural attractions, but in the evening it becomes a bewildering,... [ read more ]