A traveler's guide to Japanese tea ceremonies

A traveler’s guide to Japanese tea ceremonies

Japan might be one of the most modern and developed countries on the planet, but that doesn't mean that the old ways and traditions have been completely erased from Japanese culture. Many Japanese cherish their cultural heritage, and some of the are sticklers for traditions. The tea ceremony is one of the best examples of surviving cultural practices that are still very much in vogue today, and not only among the elderly, as some might think! The tea ceremony, also known as the Way of Tea, i... [ read more ]

A traveler's guide to public baths in Japan

A traveler’s guide to public baths in Japan

Public baths are a thing of the past in most developed countries, yet in powerful and rich Japan the tradition hasn't died out yet. As strange as it may seem to a non-Japanese person, even in large metropolises like Tokyo there still are a few public baths, or sento left. In the past, when not all apartments were built with a bathroom, people went to sentos sometimes daily in order to get their baths. Sento means hot water for coin in Japanese, but these public baths were much more than simp... [ read more ]

Top 5 Weirdest Festivals in Japan

Top 5 Weirdest Festivals in Japan

When you think about Japan, you imagine tea houses, beautiful gardens, painted geishas and samurais. Japanese culture is not only mystical, but colorful and diverse. Their connection with the land, nature and with their gods is something you can’t really comprehend unless you’ve lived with them. So one would really turn their heads up when they would see these cultured people parading down the streets half naked, or holding huge wooden phalluses. So here are the 5 weirdest festivals in Japan... [ read more ]