Round-trip Flight from Philadelphia to Tokyo

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If you plan to travel to Japan from the United States, our deal hunters had found one of the best offers ever, just for you! This round-trip ticket is offered by Qatar Airways and it costs only $1063 per person. This cheap flight to Japan takes place at the end of April.

The $1063 includes all the fees and taxes of the flight. Between the two flights, the travelers have a whole week to enjoy the beautiful tourist attractions of Tokyo. Even though a week is quite a short time, you can visit the most interesting places in Japan.

In case you want to check the prices of other flight deals, you can do it with the help of the below search box and search for other deals. You will be confirmed that Qatar Airways has the best offer between them.



Cheap Flight from Philadelphia to Tokyo

Your plane departs on Tuesday, 22 April 2014 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US. The plane leaves at 10.15 AM and after a flight of 10 hours it takes a stop at Doha, in Qatar. After a layover time the plane leaves and takes down at Narita Airport, Tokyo, at 05.55 PM. The return flight departs on 30 April, at 10.30 AM; it stops at Qatar as well, and in the end arrives to the US at 07.55 AM.



Philadelphia – Tokyo: flight details


Other Flights from Philadelphia to Tokyo

If you want to compare the price of this Qatar Airways ticket with the offers of other flight companies, the following table can be very useful for you. It includes important details about other flights, and the savings you can make are included as well.

Cheap flights to tokyo
Airline  Stops  Savings  Price
 Qatar Air  1/1  –  $1063
 Air Canada  1/1  $223  $1286
 United Airlines  2/2  $224  $1287
 Star Alliance  2/1  $229  $1292


Deal Summary: From Philadelphia to Tokyo

Price: $1063

Taxes and fees: all included

Travel dates: departure: 22 April 2014; return: 30 April 2014

Departure: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PHL)

Destination: Tokyo, Japan (NRT)

Airline: Qatar Airways

Class: economy class

Provider: Faregeek


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