Most Beautiful Temples in Nagasaki


Kofukuji Temple © kaz k/Flickr

The city of Nagasaki is known for the tragedies of WWII all around the world. Since then, Nagasaki has recovered and became one of the most popular, important and most visited cities of Japan. Millions of tourists travel here every year to see the several memorial places and buildings of the city.

Although the city has other sights as well, the memorial museums are the most acknowledged attractions of Nagasaki. If religion stands close to you, you may be interested in visiting the shrines and temples of Nagasaki. Not only Shinto shrines, but Confucian, Christian and even Catholic churches can be visited here. This article gives you a brief description of the most beautiful and most popular temples of Nagasaki.

Kofukuji Temple


Kofukuji Temple and its beautiful garden in Nagasaki © kaz k/Flickr

There is another temple called Kofukuji in Nara, and many times they are confused even if they are quite different. The Kofukuji Temple in Nagasaki is located in the popular area of Teramachi (Temple Town), near a small hill. It was the first temple of the Obaku sect. The Obaku Zen Buddhist temple was established in the 1620s, and had greatly preserved the aspects of the era.

The temple can be approached from Kokaido-mae tram stop: from here, you have to walk for 8-10 minutes. You can visit the temple between 6.00 and 17.00 every day; it is open even on national holidays. The admission is 300 Yen. The address is 4-32 Teramachi, Nagasaki and the phone number is +81 95-822-1076.


Oura Catholic Church

oura church

Artistic picture of the inside of Oura Catholic Church © LuxTonnerre/Flickr

It is also known as the Church of the 26 Martyrs. It was established by French priests in 1865 and it is the oldest wooden church of the country. The church was built in Gothic style, and it is quite surprising to see a Western-style church in the middle of a traditional Japanese city. For Western tourists the church may not be as interesting as it is for Japanese people: hundreds of tourists are amazed by the style and beauty of Oura Church every day.

This church is always open, as well as Kofukuji. You can visit the church between 8.00-18.00 every day. The entrance fee is 200 Yen for children under 12 and 300 Yen for adults. The address is 5-3 Minami-yamate-machi, Nagasaki.


The Confucian Temple, or the Chinese Museum of Successive Generations

Confucian temple

Typical Confucian Temple in Nagasaki © small_0323/Flickr

It is the only mausoleum built by Chinese people outside their country. As all the Confucian temples, this one was also built to celebrate Confucius, the founder of this religion. The Analects of Confucius includes hundreds of tales told by Confucius and the temple displays 16,000 of the characters of these anecdotes. The 500 sections of the temple give home to 20 complications and to the marble carvings of the mentioned characters.

You can visit the Confucian Temple throughout the whole year, between 8.30 and 17.00. The entrance fees vary between 315 and 525 Yen, according to your age. The address is 10-36 Oura-machi, Nagasaki.


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