Largest Christmas Markets in Japan

christmas tree

Christmas tree © MIKI Yoshihito (´・ω・)/Flickr

Although Christmas is not as popular and celebrated as it is in the Western countries, nowadays the glamour of this wonderful holiday had arrived in The Land of the Rising Sun as well. Because of the sacral differences Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan, but they do celebrate New Years Eve, another special winter holiday.

As you know, in these days Christmas is all about the wonderful decorations, the shopping and giving gifts to the beloved persons. This is why Christmas markets or Christmas Fayres are so popular even in non-Christian countries. The Christmas markets in Japan are all German markets, with a large variety of presents. This article presents the most popular and the largest Christmas markets in Japan.


German Christmas Market in Osaka

osaka christmas

Christmas in Osaka © sean in japan/Flickr

This is one of the largest winter events in Osaka. It usually gives home to the tallest decorated Christmas trees all around the world. Traditional German elements, such as hot beverages, beer, sausages and handmade gifts from Germany can be found all over the Market. An antique German merry-go-round visits the fare every day.

The most sold items of the Christmas Market are the Christmas tree ornaments, ginger-breads, and other traditional crafts which are rarities in Japan.

osaka lights

Christmas Lights in Osaka © zatoichi213/Flickr

In 2013, the Christmas Market opens at 15th of November and you can visit it until the 25th of December. On weekdays it is open between 12.00 and 21.00, on Fridays 12.00-22.00 and on weekends between 11.00 and 22.00. The admission is free, so you can walk around the vendors every day without paying for it. The place which gives home to this amazing event is the Shin Umeda City Wonder Square.


German Christmas Market in Sapporo

christmas tree

Christmas tree form the previous year, Sapporo © MIKI Yoshihito (´・ω・)/Flickr

This fare usually takes place at the same time as the popular Sapporo White Illumination Festival. Just like the Christmas Market in Osaka, this one has dozens of shops selling Christmas ornaments, decorations, dolls, hundreds of gifts and traditional German beverages and foods.

This market has indoor and outdoor parts as well. There are several gospel and choir song performances, juggling and dance shows outside, while the indoor area gives home to several workshops and other various events. One of the most visited ‘events’ inside the market is the mini-German language courses: hundreds of local people attend it every day.

The German Christmas Market in Sapporo begins at late November and it lasts until the Christmas holidays in December; it closes usually on the 25th of December. It is held at the Odori Park, Sapporo, where the lights of the Sapporo White Illumination Festival gives an amazing backrgound to the Christmas Market.


German Christmas Market in Sapporo © MIKI Yoshihito (´・ω・)/Flickr



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