Drink on Budget in Yokohama


Cocktail from Benny’s © Dinner Series/Flickr

The amazing city of Yokohama is located on the coast of Tokyo Bay and it is one of the most visited cities of Japan. Thousands of tourists travel to Yokohama to see the sights and attractions of the city. As every Japanese city, Yokohama is full of life and even the nights are vital and exciting. If you decide to spend some time in Yokohama, you should enjoy the city’s nightlife as well.

The city has dozens of pubs, bars, restaurants, discos and clubs which all belong to the nightlife of Yokohama. This article gives you a brief presentations about the most popular cheap bars and pubs in Yokohama, where you can have some of the best drinks you’ve ever tasted.

All 500 Yen Bar – GIMME! GIMME! GIMME!

Yokohama nightlife

Night at Yokohama © Matsukin/Flickr

It is probably the most popular bar in Yokohama, mostly because of its affordable prices. The bar offers a very worthy drink menu: every drink costs only 500 Yen (approx. 5 USD). The friendly atmosphere of the places attracts the thirsty visitors as well. The address is 1-45 Noge-cho, Naka-ku, 231-0064 Yokohama. It is open between 19.00-04.00 every day.


Benny’s Place


Delicious cocktail from Benny’s © Dinner Series/Flickr

Benny’s place is an America-themed sports bar, where ‘American’ things, such as baseball and darts are available. It is also said that Benny’s Place serves the most delicious hamburgers in Yokohama. The address is Ishikawa-cho 1-25, Mitsubo Building 2F, Yokohama and it is open between 18.00-02.00.


Oriental Café

Orentla cafe

The simple and chic Oriental Café © || UggBoy?UggGirl || PHOTO || WORLD || TRAVEL ||/Flickr

Not only the low prices of this place, but its friendly atmosphere also attracts hundreds of visitors every evening. The menu offered by Oriental Café is quite simple, including some of the best beers, wines and cocktails of the city. If you are hungry, you can purchase light snacks as well. The address is 2-16-4 Minamisaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama.



Downbeat is a very friendly and cozy jazz bar. It is probably the most popular jazz club in the area. Live-music events and sometimes even karaoke attract thousands of people here weekly. The drinks offered here are excellent and affordable as well. The address is Miyamoto Building 2F 1-43, Hanabushacho, Naku-ku, 231-0052 Sakuragicho, Yokohama. It is open from 16.00 until midnight, and it is closed on Sundays.



Japanese beer

Tasty Japanese beers can also be purchased in these pubs © foilman/Flickr

Logos is a very trendy hip-hop club in Yokohama. The drinks and the music they play are all great. If you are a fan of hip-hop, R&B or reggae, this is the perfect place for you to have fun! Parties and other events are held weekly, raising Logos between the best nightlife spots of Yokohama. The address is Ishikawacho 4-168, Sekiuti Real Estate Building 2, B1F,  Yokohama. It opens at 23.00 and it closes only when the party is over!

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