Best Travel Destinations in Shikoku


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Shikoku is one of the most important islands of the Japanese Archipelago, the smallest of the four main islands. Its name means ‘four provinces’, referring to the previous provinces of the island. Nowadays it consists of Ehime, Kagawa, Kochi and Tokushiwa Prefectures. The biggest city of Shikoku island is Matsuyama.

Though it is a small island, it has many tourist attractions and interesting festivals. For example, the 88 Temple pilgrimage is one of the many typical traditions of Shikoku island. Probably the most famous sight of the island is Dogo Onsen, which is presented in another article. This article will introduce other famous travel destinations on Shikoku Island.


Matsuyama Castle

Matsuyama Castle © sean in japan/Flickr

This castle is located on Mount Katsu in Matsuyama city. It can be accessed by chairlift or by ropeway. By visiting this traditional castle, we go back in time, in the feudal era and we experience the beauty of both the building and that of Ancient Japan. From the castle we also have a breathtaking view on the surrounding city.

Matsuyama Castle is open between 9.00 and 17.00 everyday; it is closed only on December 29. The admission is 500 Yen. The ropeway and the chairlift works from 8.30 until 17.30. The admission of a round trip is 500 Yen, while the one-way admission is 260 Yen.


Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum


The grave of the great Sakamoto Ryoma © wolgatrooper/Flickr

The museum is located in Urado Castle Park, in Katsurahama. It was built in 1985 for the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sakomoto Ryoma. He was a leader, whose movement overthrew the Tokugawa shogunate in Japan. For the first time the museum was open to the public in 1991.

Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum is open between 9.00-17.00 every day and on holidays too. The admission for the adults is 400 Yen and it is free for students. The address of the museum is: 1-2-20 Marunouchi, Kochi City, 780-8570.




Ishite-ji © Wallslide/Flickr

Ishite-ji is a Shingon temple on Shikoku island; also part of the 88 Temple pilgrimage. Some of its buildings are Important Cultural Properties. According to a legend, the name of the temple means ‘stone and temple’. Interestingly, there is a cave opening from one of Ishite-ji’s buildings. In the cave many statues and carvings can be seen.

Ishite-ji is always open and it is free of admission. Not like the Treasure House: it is open between 8.00-17.00 every day and here the admission is 200 Yen.




Kochi Castle © 663highland/

It is a very nice castle which had preserved the beauty of the feudal era. Kochi Castle is a National Treasure and a Cultural Asset of the country. Local treasures and interesting historical objects are also displayed here. Surprisingly, the donjon (main tower) of the castle was not only used as a military point, but as a residence too. From here the visitors can see the downtown of Kochi.

The admission to Kochi Castle is 400 Yen and it is open between 9.00-17.00 every day. With the occasion of the New Year holidays it is closed from December 26 to January 1.



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