Best Spa Towns in Japan


Yufuin © shishamo72/Flickr

Spa towns or resort towns are usually located around mineral springs. They are excellent places for relaxation, but their healthy benefits are important as well. The most popular and important treatment provided by spa towns is the hydrotheraphy. This can be hot thermal bath and mineral cold water.  It’s all up to you which one you choose.

In Japan, the term ‘onsen‘ describes both hot springs and bathing facilities. Sometimes even spa resorts are referred to as onsen. The Land of the Rising Sun has 21 spa towns and all of them are very unique and popular. This article presents only some of these spa towns, the ones which are said to be the best spa towns in Japan.

Beppu Onsen

Beppu mudbath

Mud bath at Beppu Onsen © variationblogr/Flickr

A large group of hot springs forms the spa town of Beppu. It is divided into 8 separate areas, and these are called collectively the Beppu Hatto. Interestingly, more than 10% of Japan’s hot springs are located here, which means almost 3000 hot springs! This area provides mainly hydrothermal services and still the public baths are the most popular here.



Shirahama beach

Shirahama Beach, a good relaxing place besides the hot springs of the city © jmurawski/Flickr

Shirahama is famous not only for its hot springs, but for its amazing beach as well. The beach with the white sand imported from Australia is a perfect place for a holiday. The hot springs of the city are quite popular too, especially Nanki Shirahama Onsen and Tsubaki Onsen. If you want to have a relaxing and pampering weekend, do not hesitate to travel to Shirahama.




Steam of an outdoor onsen at Yufuin © shishamo72/Flickr

Yufu city’s district, Yufuin is famous for its natural hot springs. For a long time, tourism has been the most significant economic resource for the city. The numerous onsen of the spa town became tourist destinations, not only for Japanese people, but for international tourists as well. Recently, Yufuin had been visited by thousands of Korean tourists.

By good fortune, there are dozens of hot springs: sone of them can be visited only by local people, but the majority of them accepts tourists as well.




Entrance of an onsen at Kinosaki © michaelvito/Flickr

Kinosaki is probably known for its boiling waters: it is said that even an egg can be boiled here in no time! The small ponds and the hot water underneath them is a very good spot for a walk too. But we cannot forget to mention the most popular destinations of the place, the onsen.

The public baths of the place are excellent spots for relaxation. If you are too shy to enter a public bath, the spa establishments of the city can be good places for you.




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