Best Romantic Things to Do in Tokyo


Cherry Blossoming at Uneo Park ©katsuma/Flickr

Tokyo is a great choice for those who want to spend a wonderful time with their soul mates in Japan. As the city is full of good hotels, the couples can spend here as much time as they want to. Many people choose Tokyo as the destination of their honeymoon.

Couples who need a little romance can enjoy the romantic sights of Tokyo. Many restaurants offer a romantic atmosphere, but not only dinners can provide romance. Sometimes a walk holding each others hand can also be very romantic. Here are some tips for those who are in love and want to visit this amazing city with the loved person.

Visit Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo – The city at night ©minkymonkeymoo/Flickr

The tower is a replica of Eiffel Tower and also provides a romantic atmosphere, similar to that in Paris, but also different from it. Tokyo Tower has two observatories: the Main Observatory and the Special Observatory. Main Observatory is at 150 meters. Here the couples can enjoy the view of the city while eating their meal at Coffee Shop ‘Cafe La Tour’.

Tokyo Tower provides a breathtaking view on the city, especially in the evening. The tower can be entered between 9 AM and 10 PM every day. The admission to the Main Observatory is 820 Yen and 1420 Yen to the Special Observatory. I think that everyone who goes to Tokyo with his/her lover, should visit Tokyo Tower at least once.


Walk in a Park, Garden


Cherry Blossoming at Uneo Park ©katsuma/Flickr

A walk in a beautiful park or garden always provides a romantic environment. As Tokyo is full of amazing and tidy parks, lovers have a great variety to choose from. The city’s most beautiful parks are: Yoyogi Koen, Ueno Koen, Imperial Palace East Garden. Visitors don’t have to pay for the entrance, but at Shinjuku Goen the entrance costs 200 Yen and at Koishikawa Botanical Garden the guests have to pay 330 Yen.

Japanese style gardens also worth a visit. Bring here your lover and enjoy the beauty of nature. Gardens such as Rikugien, Koishikawa Korakuen or Hama Rikyu can be entered by paying 300 Yen.

Spring is the best season to take a walk in these parks: there are many cherry trees and the cherry blossoms are considered to be very romantic. Picnics are also great ideas for those who are in love.


Have Dinner on a Cruise


View from the Cruise ©KuniakiIGARASHI/Flickr

A beautiful view on Tokyo Bay is very romantic, but a dinner on the board of Symphony is almost unbelievable. This option is available almost every evening. The ship usually leaves the bay at 7 PM and the trip takes approximately 150 minutes. Those who want to have dinner on the cruise should go to the ticket gates at Hinode Station with at least 30 minutes before the cruise leaves. After buying the tickets, the staff will escort the couples to the pier and help them board the cruise.

The dinner contains traditional Japanese and Western foods. Couples can eat dishes like sushi rolls, soups, grilled fish, beef teriyaki, but vegetarian meal is also available. Together with the dinner, the price of the tour is 4200 Yen and without meal it costs 1900 Yen. Drinks are not included in the price of the tour (except tea and coffee).

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