Best Restaurants in Kobe


Nigiri-sushi at Denja, Kobe © avlxyz/Flickr

If you spend a few days in a new city, it is important for every tourist to discover the most famous and interesting sights of the place. Although the majority of the tourists go for these attractions, you should consider other kinds of sights as well: such as bars, pubs or restaurants.

Tourists visiting Japan always try out at least one traditional Japanese restaurant, while the novelties for the local people the Western-style restaurants. That’s why every large Japanese city has dozens of French, Italian and even German restaurants. In my opinion all of these places are good and worth a try, even fast-food restaurants, like McDonalds or KFC. This article will familiarize you with some of the best restaurants of Kobe; it only depends on you which one you choose.




Yakiniku, a traditional Japanese dish © urakido/Flickr

Tsurusan is located in the famous Kitano area of Kobe. It is definitely one of the best Japanese restaurants of this district. The specialties of these place are typically Japanese dishes: besides yakiniku (Japanese grilled meat), you can have shabu shabu (boiled beef meat). You can spend a wonderful evening in the lovely atmosphere of this restaurant.

The average price for a dinner is around 5000 Yen per person. Tsurusan is open between 17.00-22.30 every day, except Tuesdays. The address is Ninomiya 3-2-10, Kobe. You can make reservations on this phone number: 078-251-1987.




Nigiri – probably the most delicious dish served at Denja, Kobe © avlxyz/Flickr

Denja is a very friendly and cozy sushi bar in the Sannomiya area of Kobe. Besides their excellent sushi, they serve sashimi and many other delicious dishes. Their best offer is the nigiri-sushi dinner menu, for 3500 Yen.

If you are a fan of Japanese sushi bars/restaurants, it is recommended for you to visit this place and have a good time here. Denja is open between 17.00-23.00 every day. The address is Kita-Nagasa-Dori 1-31-33. It is not so easy to find this restaurant, it is located on the narrow shopping arcade of Hankyu tracks. You can call them on this phone number as well: 078-332-7789.




Yamato beef served at the Sun © avlxyz/Flickr

This restaurant is located in the Southern regions of Kobe. This place has everything a good restaurant needs: excellent food, friendly service, nice decorations, comfy seats, etc. Besides tofu, they serve all kinds of fish. Mitsuse chicken, Yamato beef, Kagoshima pork and doezens of other delicious dishes.

You can eat at one of the best restaurants in Kobe for a price of 4000-7000 Yen. It is open between 11.00-14.00 and 17.00-22.00 daily. The address is Sannomiya 1-10-1, Kobe Kotsu Center Building 10F; it’s on the Southern side of JR Sannomiya Station. You can make reservations as well, their phone number is 078-331-1233.




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