Best Museums in Kobe

Sake museum

Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum ©hslo/Flickr

Kobe is one of the most important cities of the Japanese Archipelago. As the fifth largest city of the country, Kobe is a significant tourist destination: it has many touristic sights, such as parks, Japanese gardens, museums, shrines, temples, towers, etc.

At the moment, Kobe has eighteen museums, with a large variety of themes. The most popular museums of the city have art, science, history, maritime, kids and fashion as their main theme. If you happen to be in Kobe, and you have some free time and some Yen in plus, do not hesitate to visit one of the best museums of the city!

Kobe City Museum

Kobe Maritime Museum

Kobe Maritime Museum, one of the City Museum’s rivals ©Hyougushi/Flickr

Kobe City Museum is one of the best museums in Kobe. It is the combinations of two previous museums: Municipal Archaeological Art Museum and Municipal Namban Art Museum. The museum exhibits thousands of artifacts, old maps, historical documents and National Treasures which belong to the collection of Namban Art.

The museum is open between 10.00-16.30, but on Monday and Friday it is closed. The address is 2 4 Kyomachi, Chuo Ward, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, 650-0034. The phone number of the museum is: +81 78-391-0035. The admission is 200 Yen.


Kobe Science Museum


Old Telescopes in the Exhibition Hall, Kobe Science Museum © anka @ happyhangaround/Flickr

If you are interested in science, this museum is a must-see for you. The most important attraction of this museum is the sky itself. Several telescopes are available for the visitors and they can check out the stars and even the Milky Way. The Science Museum consists of an Exhibition Hall and the Planetarium.

Each section has separate admissions: the entrance for the Exhibition Hall is 600 Yen, and for the Planetarium 400 Yen. In case of children and students, the prices are halved. The address is: Minatojima Nakamachi 7-7-6, Chuo-ku, Kobe, 650-0046. On weekdays, it is open between 9.30-16.30, on weekends between 9.30-19.00 and it is closed to Wednesdays. Their phone number is 078-302-5177.


Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum

Sake museum

How is sake made? You can get the answer at this museum ©hslo/Flickr

Earlier, it was a traditional sake brewery, but nowadays it functions as a museum. The main purpose of Hakutsuru Museum is to present the tradition of making sake, Japan’s symbolic and time-honored beverage. Visitors can witness the creation of this delicious drink. you can taste a large variety of sake, and if you like it, it  can be purchased here as well.

The museum is open between 9.00-4.30 every day, except New Year and summer holidays. Their phone number is 078-822-8907. The address of Hatsuru Sake Museum is 4-5-5 Sumiyoshi-minami-machi, Kobe. This museum is one of the most traditional symbols of Kobe.







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