Best Getaways in Rural Hokkaido


Daisetsu-zan © kikmoyoo/Flickr

Hokkaido, previously known as Ezo or Yesso, is the largest and northernmost prefecture in Japan, and it is also the second largest island of the Japanese Archipelago. It is connected to the island of Honshu by Seikan Tunnel, an underwater railway.The capital of the prefecture is Sapporo, Japan’s fourth largest city.

If someone mentions the term ‘rural Japan‘, in 90 percent of the cases people think about the region of Hokkaido; and they are right. This area has many undisturbed forests, UNESCO World Heritage sites, natural parks, mountains, large fields, etc. In case you want to spend your time in some silent parts of Japan, Hokkaido has the best places to go to. This article presents and describes the best getaways in rural Hokkaido.


Nobori-Betsu Onsen


Stream coming from the thermal area © shirokazan/Flickr

This typically Japanese hot spring resort is located on a large thermal area. There are hundreds of pools and mud baths all around the place. You can walk between the pools of Nobori-Bestsu on the marked trail of Jigoku-dani, or The Valley of Hell. This leads to Kuttara-ko Lake and to the hill of Kuma-Yama.


Dai-Ichi Hotel, surrounded by Mother Nature © David McKelvey/Flickr

If you want to visit one of the best rural places in Hokkaido, Nobori-Betsu is the place you are looking for. Dai-Ichi Hotel, located near the hot spring center is a very nice lodgment. In case you spend some days in this gorgeous hot-spring center you will surely have a relaxing holiday full of pleasures.


So-un Kyo

so un kyo

First 500 meters of So-un Kyo gorge © gones/Flickr

This gorge is one of the most visited rural destinations in Hokkaido, Daisetsu-zan area. The length of this gorge is  kilometers long and it is one of the tourists’ favorite hiking trails. The rocks have the height of approximately 400 feet, especially near the Ishi-gari river. The mountains surrounding this breathtaking scene will surely be your favorites.


Amazing sight at Daisetsu-zan © kikmoyoo/Flickr


In the middle of the gorge there is a tiny, but excellent hot spring town, So-un Kyo Onsen. On the other side of Kuro-dake mountain there are two more hot spring resorts, namely Yokoma-betsu and Tennin-kyo. Accommodations can be found at all the three onsen, or if you want to have better rooms, you can go to the city of Asahikawa and choose one of the local hotels.


Daisetsu-zan National Park


Hiking trail at Daisetsu-zan National Park, Hokkaido © kikmoyoo/Flickr

Daisetsu-zan means ‘Big snow mountain’ and it is covered by snow almost all year. The area of Daisetsu is popular for the numerous hot springs, hiking trails and waterfalls. The National Park includes all the significant natural sights of the area.

The most popular attraction of Daisestu-zan National Park is the volcanic crater of Asahi-dake,  with the height of 2200 meters. It can be accessed by ropeways and mount meadows. Spending a weekend in this gorgeous place will be an unforgettable memory for every visitor. Daisetsu is definitely the best getaway in rural Hokkaido.

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