Best Cosplay Cafés in Tokyo


Girls in the popular maid cosplays © greggman/Flickr

If you are a fan of anime and manga, then you surely know what a cosplay café is. But if you are not familiar with the term ‘otaku’, this article may be useful for you. Cosplay cafés and restaurants are places where the staff is dressed in cosplays (costumes which represent certain anime characters). These are usually maid and butler cafés (meido and shitsuji kafe), the waiters and waitresses are dressed in elegant maid and butler costumes. You may be surprised, but even males can be dressed in female costumes.

The first cosplay cafés were opened in the Akihabara area of Tokyo, in 1999, and since then dozens of other pubs were opened, especially in Osaka and in the capital. This article presents some of the best cosplay cafés and restaurants in Tokyo. Don’t miss out to visit at least one of these amazing facilities of Japan.

Cure Maid Café

maid cafe

Staff of a Maid Café on the streets of Akihabara, Tokyo © *_*/Flickr

It is the very first cosplay café in Japan. This place brings back the Victorian elegance of the maids’ world: the classical music and the amazingly cute (not sexualized) costumes give you the feeling of being in an anime episode. On top of all these, the food they serve is excellent, too.

Probably the only disadvantage of Cure Maid Café is that the waitresses won’t engage in conversations with casual visitors. Their address is Gee Store 6F, Soto-Kanda 3-15-5, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Their phone number is 03-3258-3161. It is open between 11.00-20.00 on weekdays and between 11.00 and 22.00 on weekends.




Girls in the popular maid cosplays © greggman/Flickr

Cos-Cha gives you a back-to-school feeling: not only maid cosplays, but school costumes are also worn by the waitresses. There is a special service at Cos-Cha: you can be spoon-fed by one of the waitresses for 500 Yen; so it is not a surprise that this place is always crowded.

The address of Cos-Cha is the following: Soto-Kanda 3-7-12- 2F, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. You can make reservations on this phone number: 03-3253-4560. They are open from 12.00 to 23.00 (Monday-Saturday) and between 11.00 and 22.00 on Sundays and national holidays.


Swallowtail Butler Café


Maids & Butlers © Danny Choo/Flickr

Swallowtail is the first and most popular butler café in Japan. As you enter here, a butler comes to greet you, takes your coat and carries you to a table where he serves you tea. It is an amazing feeling to be treated like a king/queen, but of course, you have to pay for it :Swallowtail is not a cheap place! The price of the food varies between 2000 and 4000 Yen.

Swallowtail Butler Café is open between 10.00 and 21.00 every day. A reservation is scheduled for 80 minutes, so it is quite difficult to get in here and have a table reserved for you. The address is 3-12-12 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo.

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