Amazing Abandoned Places in Japan

Nara Dreamland

Nara Dreamland ©sofauxboh/Flickr

Nothing is more stunning than the sight of an abandoned place or building. Some think that these places are creepy, but most people claim that abandoned places are one of the most amazing wonders of the world. Each country has several neglected places which attract many visitors, especially photographers.

Japan has a very long list of such abandoned places and these are called haikyo (literally: ruins). The majority of Japan’s haikyo became forlorn due to WWII and since then, these places are visited by several tourists and local people as well. Some haikyo are closed for the public, but these can be viewed from a distance as well. This article describes some of the most amazing abandoned places of Japan.

Nara Dreamland

Nara Dreamland

The abandoned Nara Dreamland ©sofauxboh/Flickr

Nara Dreamland is one of the most famous abandoned places in Japan. It was opened in 1961 and it was functioning until 2006. Nara Dreamland is undoubtedly one of the scariest lonesome places of the country. It is very gruesome to imagine an empty amusement park, where only the rusty rides and the shrubs are present. Nevertheless, this place is very amazing and bizarre at the same time.


Izu Peninsula

Peninsula Iza ruins

Abandoned hotel room ©Mark Fischer/Flickr

The abandoned holiday resort located on Izu Peninsula was abandoned in the 1970’s. The bankrupted hotel and its area is one of the most stunning lonesome places of Japan. The sights of the ruins are breathtaking, but for some people it may seem to be a haunted building.


Fuchu Air Station


USFJ Fuchu Air Base ©ucb/Flickr

This air force base is abandoned since the 1980’s, but only some parts of it preserve the memory of the military base: some areas of it were transformed into public parks. This place is already dominated by nature: the main buildings are already covered by ivy and other shrubs. USFJ Fuchu Air Station is a loquacious symbol of the war periods.




Sight of the abandoned Gunkanjima island ©keromako/Flickr

Gunkanjima or Hashima Island is characterized by undisturbed ruins of the apartment buildings. The island was once popular for its undersea coal mines, but its vogue was ended right after the closing of the mines in 1974, when all the inhabitants (who were all miners) abandoned their previous residences. The island is an urban world heritage as well.


Lost Bunker of Yamanaka Lake


Entrance of the creepy bunker ©dynamosquito/Flickr

This bunker is located near Lake Yamanaka and Mount Fuji. This abandoned place is one of the creepiest of all: the strange structure of the bunker terrifies each and every visitor. It is still unknown who created this hiding place, but it is very likely that it was the headquarters of Aum Shinrikyo cult.





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