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Who are we?

Our editorial team is made up of a group of experienced travelers who learned a lot about Japan and who are willing to share their findings about this wonderful land with you. Our mission is to contribute with a comprehensive overview all adventurers might need when traveling to the land of the raising sun, which contains travel guides and tips, visa advice, safety advice, attractions and must-see sights of Japan.

On the other hand, our blog works as a useful site for trip planning too. We would like to assist each traveler finding his Japanese getaway by collecting last minute vacation deals, bargain hotel rooms and cheapest airfare tickets to the most visited locations. Apart from our passion for the land, we also gained nearly a decade long experience in the US travel business being part of the Wanderer Guides Network of travel sites.

What can you find here?

Apart from the standard and conventional themes of this region this blog endeavors to cover those unexposed topics as well, like tea ceremonies, public baths and geisha districts in Japan. Check out our travel guides to catch up on what are the most popular seasonal events, where are the most beautiful beaches and learn about budget compared to luxury travel in Japan.

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Your feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated. Advice us on what should we add to this blog by reaching out via editor(AT)wandererguides(DOT)com.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any type of partnership, advertising requests, guest posts and contests or anything coming to your mind.

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