The traveler's guide to Nagoya

The traveler’s guide to Nagoya

Usually, when a city is described as an industrial hub, tourists will be automatically turned off - the phrase rarely conjures up images of tourist paradises. But Nagoya is the a true industrial powerhouse, and more than that, it is the city than invented pachinko, that ever popular Japanese game, and yet it manages to be one of the most attractive tourist cities in Japan at the same time. Nagoya is the fourth largest city in the country, and yet it has a more low key and laid back feel than... [ read more ]

A traveler's guide to Japanese tea ceremonies

A traveler’s guide to Japanese tea ceremonies

Japan might be one of the most modern and developed countries on the planet, but that doesn't mean that the old ways and traditions have been completely erased from Japanese culture. Many Japanese cherish their cultural heritage, and some of the are sticklers for traditions. The tea ceremony is one of the best examples of surviving cultural practices that are still very much in vogue today, and not only among the elderly, as some might think! The tea ceremony, also known as the Way of Tea, i... [ read more ]

Japan's delicious traditional sweets

Japan’s delicious traditional sweets

The Japanese are as crazy about 'western' sweets as westerners about Japanese food, that is to say cakes, chocolates, parfaits and mousses of all kinds are treats that have a lot of fans in Japan. If you visit any Japanese city, you will most likely find at least a few French bakeries, or patisseries selling all manner of scrumptious cakes and desserts. But European style desserts are not the only kind of delicacy that sweet-toothed travelers can enjoy in Japan. Japanese cuisine has a lot of... [ read more ]

The traveler's guide to getting around Tokyo

The traveler’s guide to getting around Tokyo

One of the worst nightmares that any traveler could imagine is being in the middle of a huge, completely unknown city, in a country whose language you don't speak, and without a clue about how to get from where you're standing back to your hotel, or to some interesting sight that you've been planning to see. Feeling a little lost and bewildered in Tokyo is a common occurrence, and not only for travelers, don't worry! But if you are going to make your visit to the Japanese capital a fun one, ... [ read more ]

The best hiking spots in Japan

The best hiking spots in Japan

Japan's landscape is amazingly diverse, and many other countries of a similar size could not boast of such a great mix of mountains, valleys, lakes, hot springs and beaches like Japan. And despite being among the most densely populated countries on earth, Japan's natural environment is quite well preserved - no matter how developed and neon-tinged the metropolises are, the countryside is just as tranquil and picturesque as ever. When you feel like you need to escape the urban jungle for a da... [ read more ]

The most famous travel destinations in Japan

The most famous travel destinations in Japan

Traveling throughout the country is quite a popular pastime among the Japanese, and many people take advantage of their school breaks and vacations in order to explore their country. Of course, many travel destinations that are extremely popular with domestic tourists might not yet have risen to international fame, but it is only a matter of time. Japan is an amazing country, where technology, culture and traditions complement each other almost flawlessly, and visiting the most famous travel... [ read more ]

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